What is McTIVATED? 

Leron (Ron Mc) McAdoo has motivated, inspired, and empowered people from young to old since he was in elementary school. But he concentrated his effort and focus into making educational motivation his priority in 2014. With the experience of being a public school teacher from 1994 on, the expertise of being a workshop facilitator since 2001, and the ability to move and energize a crowd with his creativity, McAdoo decided to create the Mctivated brand. 

Although he has worked and continues to work with community groups, businesses, and churches, Ron Mc has seen a need for schools to GET McTIVATED! So teachers and students are what he's most passionate about. 

Some of the most requested topics for McTIVATED are:  

- Monetizing Your Talent  

- Classroom Management  

- Arts Infused Curriculum  

- Teachers Treating Trauma  

- Career & College Coaching  

- Conflict Resolution  

- Equity  

Different keynotes, professional development trainings, and presentations have also been customized to meet the needs of the school or client.  

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My latest offering is a book called "Mctivating Black Boys & Girls: How To Raise And Teach African American Children To Be Productive Adults." The Foreward is by Master Educator & 2019 Arkansas Teacher of the Year, Stacey McAdoo. 

This is a book for parents and educators of African American children who want to see these youth succeed. The ideas within this book have been gathered and documented as a guide to anyone helping Black children. However, the ideas expressed within these pages can be applied to nonBlacks as well. These timely and relevant life lessons and academic recommendations are an investment into the future. So if you truly believe children are the future, this book will show you a way to prepare them while they are here in the present. 

Let's be Mctivated parents and teachers to produce Mctivated Black boys and girls!