1. Ride And Roll

From the recording Ride And Roll


Ride And Roll
i just wanted a song with my brah and sis and to ride the track as smooth as my brother

Let me ride with my crew and roll
Roll on through

Well it’s that everyday lookin’ for brothers crookin’ and sisters hookin’
That hustle / see the recipe for game is cookin’
To keep ’em cravin’ / and misbehavin’ slaving it’s conversation /
Give it concentration when engagin’ watch elevation
Animated I’m movin’ / lovin’ hatas to view it
I’m true wit’ persuin’ doin’ that grind my minds rooted /
Instituted within me many ways to shine
Gotta ways to climb on a rage for mine / while I breathe /
What I do believe takin’ and makin’ me strong for the seed
Buried deep in the ghetto / I’m called to make ‘em lead the way
So I ridin’ providing’ pride in the risin’
Of sons and daughter drivin’ realizing’ their horizons
But you gotta open eyes to see it (Backyard)
But you gotta dig inside to be it (4BiddeNation)
But you gotta open eyes to see it / dig inside to be
If you’re ready to ride and roll

Gotta keep rollin’ in the Rock Town partna
If really put it down