From the recording Deeper And Deeper


Deeper And Deeper
i was sayin’ to my brah that the government has left us stranded

I’m feelin’ it deeper and deeper
In my soul in my soul

The hood headlines define life and times of grind
While the new war replaces the old we show signs
Of pain / witnesses view scenes insane and cringe /
As mother throws child from bridge
And police beat / black man bloody in the street
In plain view and claim dude provoked the heat
They speak of standards / yet always leave the poor stranded
After the storm form another committee to han’le it /
Damage in the school system score inflation /
Academic education not required for graduation
Inside the corporation lower labor takes the loss /
Fast to mass lay off to help company cost /
Lost presumed missin’ fishin’ abandoned cars
Plus the ghetto bird hovers brother’s still at large /
The hood headlines we live the crimes they show /
While the young fight the new war replacing’ the old

I’m feelin’ it deeper and deeper
In my soul in my soul

Call on the master disaster blasted and it led to
Drastic debacles / of the leaders we follow /
Their concern is so hollow / throw the message in bottle /
If it reach hand my last word as the gospel /
The too poor to move and the too sick to leave
And the too black was seemingly just too far to reach
Each / and every nonbeliever here’s a reminder
A victim who lives to tell hell that’s a survivor
The fiasco / is government movin’ ass slow
Can’t pass go collect any dough below
This greedy global game board / no it ain’t the same for
Stickas in a catastrophe pray for the last you see /
This battle ain’t against flesh alone be strong
You think man can really be depended on
It’s wrong but it’s right now / gotta fill your soul with fight
To see who’s comin’ for you look beyond yo’ sight