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The Legendary Backyard: SERVICES


BACKYARD PRODUCTIONS (a division of Backyard Enterprises)

Backyard Productions is the musical component of the company. As recording artist, a stable of acts release rap, r&b, poetry and gospel cd’s. The founding of Backyard began with Ron Mc’s first album RON MC #1 in ’92 and he continues to put out an album every year. Lil Mack the Bodysnatcher a.k.a. the Arkansas Razormack has several projects and can be contacted at RAZORMACK.COM. Sta J, Jantre, JK, Mamma Mac and the Backyard Kids are other acts in Backyard. Services provided include composing tracks, song writing, demo recording and artist development.

BACKYARD PUBLISHING (a division of Backyard Enterprises)

One of the primary goals of Backyard Publishing is to provide an affordable venue that allows writers the opportunity to have their works professionally presented to the public via chapbooks, paperback and/or hard casing books. We are committed to customer satisfaction and work diligently with the client to ensure that the end product meets or exceeds original expectations. For a free consultation, manuscript evaluation or more information contact: Stacey McAdoo at

BACKYARD PICTURES (a division of Backyard Enterprises)

Costume illustrations at reasonable prices are the specialty of Backyard Pictures. Designs for t-shirts, logos, fliers, cd graphics, book cover art, posters and storyboards are some of the commercial illustrations we handle. In regards to fine art, we do portraits and murals. The standard size for portraits is 18” by 24” but we can meet your need. Murals range in a variety of sizes and are painted indoor and outdoor. The Backyard also sets up quick sketch portrait or caricature art booths for parties, reunions, parades, festivals and other events.