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She Fly: Black Women And Beauty

She Fly: Black Women And Beauty

By Ron Mc The Hip Hoptimist 

My Nubian queens, Black beautiful ladies, and supa dupa fly females are obsessed with their appearance. I may be taking this argument to extremes, but the sentiment is worth digging into. Bro. Wayne (radio host and friend) mentioned how Black woman must be using some "concept of beauty" as a reference for how they wish to present themselves. I say there may be a problem, so let’s look at it and see what’s really going on.


Black women are so locked into their hair that it is a peculiar preoccupation. “Getting’ it did” is a mandatory ritual. I love for my queens to look fly, and the way their hair is becomes a big part of that. But I haven’t expressed a particular interest in any style. I just like it neat and kept. So baby don’t blame me for you getting these extensions that run down the back. I never said that blond or red hair was more attractive to me personally. That inspiration had to have come from somewhere else.


The popularity with light colored contact lenses have not faded over time, but have become a standard for some. I thought hazel eyes would fall of the face … of the earth and of the Black lovely ladies. But it has been passed down from one generation to the next. So these naturally tanned females feel fake faded green or blue eyes are more striking than those deep and honest brown pools of passion. Although, we as people have varying shades of irises, every one has value and splendor. So where did this perception about eye color derive?


The obsession with slimming the body for image sake with little or know regard for health is common place. The model or pageant chick is and has been the standard of beauty here in the capital “A.” Slim shakes, diet pills, infomercials, and celebs have been pushing this body type on sun kissed pretties. It’s more about how you look than how you feel. Comments about “getting rid of this” or “trying to lose that” start cute Black goddesses into long conversations. But keeping “this” and holding to “that” is what makes you unique and gorgeous. 


What is the ideal look these women are after? Well, Bro. Wayne said that Black woman shouldn’t be mad if the Black man starts going after the “original” instead of the “copy.” So I simply ask is the white woman the model that Black woman are following? Long flowing blond, red, or even brown or black hair sound like a white thing to me. Baby blue, bright green, and light brown eyes sound like a white thing to me. Skinny this and flat that sound like a white thing to me. What about you?