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Hip Hop Affiliated: The Illuminati

Hip Hop Affiliated: The Illuminati

By Ron Mc The Hip Hoptimist

I can first recall speaking of conspiracy theories through high school but it wasn’t until a Tupac interview with Sway did I think seriously about the Illuminati. Pac didn’t believe in it and explained it like this:


That’s why I put the “K” to it. N!&&@s tellin’ me about this Illuminati $#!+ while I’m in jail right, like “the dollars” and all that. That’s another way to keep your self-esteem low. That’s another way to keep you unconfident. And I’m puttin’ the “K” ‘cause I’m killin’ that Illuminati $#!+. Trust me! If these motherf(<%s wanted to kill you, why the f(<% they gone tell Farrakhan? Why they gone tell the Nation of Islam. Why they gone tell this n!&&@ in jail about the plan. How do he know? How did it leak to him? Who told him? Who told him, the pope? Who? ‘Cause they like “the pope and the money”. Aw come on man get the f(<% outta here! You so thinking about the money, you not getting the motherf(<%ing money. Get the money n!&&@! I don’t give a f(<% who face on there.


So let's start at the beginning. On May 1, 1776 in Germany, Adam Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati. It means “The Enlightened,” and it was a secret society which recruited the educated, the political, and the wealthy. The order was modeled after the Freemasons and all members took a vow of secrecy. The purpose of the fraternity was to guard against corruption, prejudice, and abuse by the government. So at the jump it was about protection much like the Community Restoration in Progress (C.R.I.Ps) before they became a gang.


In Europe in 1777, all secret societies were banned and the legend of the Illuminati being a conspiratorial organization and shadow group was born. Books like Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism and Proofs of a Conspiracy claimed that the group was masterminding events and controlling world affairs by using governments and corporations. That's when people started getting things twisted. There were some who thought they were behind the French Revolution.


Many fraternal groups linked themselves with the order but none have evidence that they have legitimate ties. And conspiracy theorists who are outside of the Illuminati assume and create connections to the Hip Hop elite and the infamous set. Those who believe this to be true, assign success in "the business" to an entertainer’s allegiance or importance to the secret society. And for some reason this group recruits from the artist who rock and rep for the streets.


So now we’re in a place where it is believed by many that major rappers are consorting with the underworld. People think subliminal messages are planted in the minds of the public. These unvetted experts have found reasons for declarations of wars, computer chips in humans, and “cashless society” plans. They profess to know the answers to the unexplainable things. They have well formed conspiracies, but nothing detailed on how to ride against them invisible bosses.


And it’s easy to imagine this big brother organization when you actually have credit cards and direct deposit, constant surveillance, as well as mechanics and computing mixed with medicine. For Black communities and in the hood, it is no stretch to think the world is against us (especially in the U.S.). Things like slavery, Jim Crow, the Tuskegee Experiment, Cointelpro, urban renewal, C.I.A. crack dumpings, the prison industrial complex, and the Patriot Act have been excuses to terrorize and stifle the growth of the minority population. When you add these very real happenings with imagination, you start to fill in the gaps with conspiracy.


Some people blame the Illuminati for why they can’t make it in life. Others use it to explain how the famous, powerful, or wealthy become and remain successful. Everyone needs something to believe. And applying these signs, symbols, and information to every event makes Illuminati scholars feel knowledgeable. They study it like a religion. Rituals, pacts, meetings, inductions ceremonies, symbolic objects, and all kind of religious elements is what people (who are not part of it) swear is going down.


But if the controversial order is so dark, why don’t they study the light? And why can’t the “bright side” explain the reason why things happen? Every career cannot be credited to these theories. Every occurrence cannot be attributed to these theories. Every death cannot be explained by these theories. These theories are one sided. Christianity and Islam have both a God and a devil. What is the opposition for the Illuminati? When will there be information out on how to combat this “collective underworld?”


It seems it has come above ground to curse Hip Hop. The controversial collective have been mentioned by artist like L.L., Kanye West, and members of Wu-Tang. Busta Rhymes, Goodie Mob, and Three-6 have had lyrics that alluded to the group’s existence. Jay Z and Beyonce it seemed were crowned the king and queen of affiliation with the order. But I’ve also heard these very same artists say things that only exist in fantasy. For example, Carter said, "I swam waters with great whites / Y'all motherf(<%ers woulda been chewed / I hustle with vultures late nights / Y'all motherf(<%ers woulda been food."  And I don't believe that Jay actually sores with a pack of birds under moonlight, but I enjoy the metaphor. I would expect nothing less from entertainers and artist who are brands for a company and are paid to be creative.


So for those that study all the madness, please answer this for me. How did you get wind of the agenda? Do you believe everything you hear or do you question all the information?  If you think you’re so good at identifying the “man’s” plan, then what is your plan to beat it? If you can see the game, how can we bomb on it?


I know that “they” are suppose to be out there bringing New World Order, giving the illusion of freedom, puppeteering nations, oppressing the nonwhite and poor, and taking over the world. I know that “they” are supposed to have blood rituals, secret symbols, séances, and hellish affiliations. I know that “they” are supposed to use skull and bones, the all seeing eye, and codes like DaVinci’s. Well, I challenge you, Illuminati, to holla at me. I dare you to contact me. If you exist convince the skeptic, or forever bow down and be history.